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Grant & Sons

Company Management
Euro Truck Simulator 2 Overview - ETS2
Current Rank 392nd
Total Distance 32 106 mi
Total Deliveries 73
Limit 60 mi
Real Race
American Truck Simulator Overview - ATS
Current Rank 110th
Total Distance 10 796 mi
Total Deliveries 31
Limit 75 mi
Real Race
Company Description
Welcome to Grant & Sons

VTC Was created on 1st September 2018

If driving in convoys and having a laugh on Discord with #GRANDADSPOSSE or SOLO Drive sounds fun to you then hit the apply button.
Great Friendly Trucking service ,
We like to have a laugh and enjoy ourselves also streamed live on YouTube www.youtube.com/rayssim when Rays Sim Is About!
Company Rules
Use paint scheme , canopy skin, white and gold, photo in discord and help if needed
Follow rules of the road/truckersmp
Be AWARE of your surroundings
Respect staff
Respect other players.
No racism.
No sexism.
No verbal abuse.
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